Transformer Enclosures

Built to Last
Large Custom Transformer EnclosureKMI offers custom transformer enclosures and housings for a wide variety of applications. Whether industrial, indoor, outdoor, on land, or at sea, KMI has a solution for you. We can build to your exact specifications including meeting any NEMA requirements that you may have.
We can handle small transformer enclosures at high volumes, or your very large complete-custom build. Our experienced design and manufacturing team can help you improve your offerings through our customer and end-user approach to fabrication. For extra-large enclosures, we can ship knocked-down so they can be shipped efficently and easily assembled at your facility or at the destination.
Transformer HousingQuality is crucial when dealing with high-voltage and heavy component parts such as fans and blowers. Our customers have come to trust KMI?s ability to produce structurally sound enclosures that are built to withstand harsh industrial or outdoor environments.  
Check out our showcase for more examples of KMI-built transformer housings. Or, contact us for a quote.
Transformer Enclosure